Suction nozzle self-supporting bag

Column:INDUSTRY NEWS Time:2018-10-09

Suction nozzle self-supporting bag is one of the important performance, plastic flexible packaging new conducting suction nozzle self-supporting bag is on the basis of self-reliance bag packaging and a rigid straws and rotating cover, can stand on its own, and take up area, with convenience, low yield, the packing is suitable for a variety of categories, soya-bean milk, jelly, beverage, jam food categories, such as shampoo, complaisant agent, such as daily necessities packaging.

1. Characteristics of self-supporting bag with suction nozzle

With excellent printing power, clear picture and text information and brilliant color blending, the self-supporting bag with suction mouth can not only publicize the product and attract consumers' attention, but also promote the brand level. The self-supporting bag with suction mouth has a lovely and funny appearance and a simple packaging plan, which can extend the shelf life of the product.

Suction nozzle self-supporting bag has excellent cold sterilization, moistureproof prevent wet, sealing strong, pressure resistance, no penetration is not easy to break, with convenient, stylish, strong flexibility and so on the many kinds of advantage, has stores like with like, widely used in packaging, a variety of categories for you days bring fast and convenient, has the important effect.

The self-supporting bag with suction mouth plays an important role in the opening and resealing of food, which is similar to the function of bottle. However, considering transportation, cost, weight and other aspects, it is more advantageous to bottle.Therefore, more and more consumers like it.

2. Material structure of self-supporting bag with suction nozzle

Suction nozzle self-support bag is generally used to hold liquid and powder packaging products, for the design of structure, generally has the following requirements design structure:

Three-dimensional: BOPA/LLDPE;Bottom: BOPA/LLDPE

Stereo: BOPA/ enhanced BOPP/LLDPE;Bottom: BOPA/LLDPE

Stereo: PET/BOPA/ enhanced BOPP/LLDPE;The bottom;BOPA/LLDPE

Generally, the self-supporting bag of suction nozzle requires good structure resistance, impact resistance and pressure resistance, while the bottom requires soft and easy processing.Using BOPP can increase the mechanical strength of the material and strengthen the resistance of the material.The use of PET also improves the water resistance and mechanical strength of the material.