Three side seal bag

Column:INDUSTRY NEWS Time:2018-10-09
Information about three side seal bag

1. Overview of three-side sealing bag

Three-side sealing bag, that is, three-side sealing, leaving only one opening for the user to install the product.The most common bag making method is three-side bag sealing.The airtightness of the three-sided sealing bag is the best.

2. Common materials for three-side sealing bags:


3. Main products and features applicable to three-side sealing bags:

Plastic food bag, vacuum nylon bag, rice bag, upright bag, zipper bag, aluminum foil bag, tea bag, candy bag, powder bag, rice bag, cosmetic bag, facial mask eye bag, medicine bag, pesticide bag, paper bag, bowl surface seal film, shaped bag, anti-static bag, roll film for automatic packaging machine, plastic bag.Used for sealing packing of printer, copier and other consumables;Suitable for PP, PE, PET, etc.

The compound three-sided sealing bag has good barrier property, moisture-proof property, low heat sealing property, high transparent, also color printing color is 1 to 9.Commonly used in daily necessities composite bags, composite bags, toys, cosmetics composite bags, gift composite bags, metal composite bags, composite bags, mall composite bags, electronic products, composite bags, jewelry bags, sports equipment, composite bags and other products from all walks of life essence of compound bag packaging.

4. Equipment standard of three-side sealing bag:

Printing equipment: intaglio (commonly known as copperplate) printing, computer controlled printing machine, printing 1-8 colors.

Compound equipment: fully computerized compound equipment, can be multilayer compound.

Printing width: maximum 100CM, unlimited length.

Product standards: in line with international plastic food packaging standards, products have been exported to Europe and the United States, in line with the European Union food grade plastic packaging standards.