Liquid cleaner three-dimensional bag and Pesticide packaging

Column:INDUSTRY NEWS Time:2018-10-10

1. Liquid cleaner three-dimensional bag

Product requirements:

High strength, impact resistance, burst resistance, good resistance, rigidity, stress cracking resistance, sealing.

Design structure:



Stereo PET/BOPA/ enhanced BOPP/LLDPE base BOPA/LLDPE

Reason for design: the above structure is of good resistance, the material is rigid and suitable for three-dimensional packaging, and the bottom is flexible and suitable for processing.The inner layer is modified PE with good resistance to sealing pollution.

2. Pesticide packaging

Pesticides are divided into insect repellent, insecticide and herbicide, and their forms are classified into granule, powder and liquid. As the first two types of packaging require less, the structure is designed only for liquid pesticides.

Product requirements: due to the high toxicity of pesticides, which seriously endangers personal and environmental safety, the packaging requirements are high in strength, toughness, impact resistance, drop resistance and good tightness.

Design structure: BOPA/VMPET/ s-cpp

Design reasons: good BOPA flexibility, puncture resistance, high strength, good printing.

With high strength and good barrier, VMPET can be used as additional thick coating material.

S-cpp provides heat sealing, resistance and corrosion resistance, and adopts ternary copolymerization PP.Or the CPP with high barrier EVOH and PA layer is adopted.

Adhesive: it is advisable to use the adhesive with high polarity, cohesion and crystallinity.It is better to take the gluing amount up to 4/m2. Due to the wide variety of pesticide solvents, such as toluene, xylene, DMF mixed solvent, ethanol, etc.The pesticide itself is complex and corrosive, and the adhesive should be tested in advance.Common brands include UK3640/UK6800, ly-50vr/ly-50vrh, etc.

Heavy packing bags

Product requirements: the package is used for the packaging of agricultural products such as rice, beans, chemical products (such as fertilizer), the main requirement is strong toughness good, necessary barrier.

Design structure: PE/ plastic fabric /PP, PE/ paper /PE/ plastic fabric /PE, PE/PE

Design reasons: PE provides sealing, good flexibility, drop resistance, high strength of plastic fabric.